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Welcome to inFeedo's Trust Center, where you can learn about our comprehensive approach to ensuring the security and privacy of your data.

Our security measures are continuously audited and updated to ensure they remain at the forefront of industry standards. In terms of privacy, we exercise the utmost prudence, collecting only the data necessary for our services, and our transparent privacy policies offer comprehensive insights into data handling, sharing, and protection, all while complying with the latest privacy regulations.

We are committed to upholding all security and privacy standards as mentioned in this Trust Center and strive to continuously improve our processes to ensure an excellent customer experience.

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    Will the applications be accessible via Intranet, Internet or both?
    Does customer data leave the production systems in any circumstance? If so, please describe.
    Are the applications hosted on cloud or on-prem servers?
    Please specify whether any PII/ PHI/ PFI data is stored in the application?
    Does the application support principle of least privileges during registration?
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